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All handmade from premium quality materials and hand-tailored with intricacy and exquisite craftsmanship, our Sequin Capes and Kimonos are created for your unique self-expression.

Every time you buy an item, you plant a tree!

Being inspired by nature, we love this beautiful rock called earth and make a donation from our profit with every purchase you make.

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I absolutely love this Cape!
Like a super-hero's cape, it's star-glitter instantly gives me a super good mood once i slip it on ;-) 

I have first worn the cape to a festival last weekend and people would not stop making me compliments. And unlike other festival outfits this one is really flexibel cause you can just slide it over and basically wear anything (or nothing) underneath.

I truly recommend this cape to anyone looking for that one favorite piece of festival clothing.

Max Kuhn

The rainbow sequin cape is more impressive in person than the pictures. The colours are so bright, when I put it on I felt like Elton John. Can't wait to break this out at parties, it'll be a nice compliment to the gold sequin cape from Junglade that was gifted to me last year.

Stephen Bennett

Absolutely gorgeous cape! I had so many compliments on it.

Cape was custom made which is important to me because I am a petite girl. I took measurements and sent it to the the Junglade Designs, so the length was just right. Wonderful customer service too - accommodated fast delivery.

Natalya Shkurenko

This is the most amazing cape!

We spent a weekend up in the river swimming and dancing and this piece was complemented on day and night.

Sarah Kaplan